Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Finally! We made it to Maine. After a year and a half traveling and living on the road full-time we are here and it is better than I could have imagined.  I have always wanted to visit Portland Maine. What a super cute town. It is on the top of my "favorite places" list.  I will defiantly come back and am looking forward to the next week! I was told that Portland has the highest amount of restaurants and bars per ca pita than any other city in the Country who knew?
We ran into a couple of food trucks and realized it was a part of  Food Networks The Great Food Truck Race. How cool is that!? We chatted a bit with Seoul Sausage and helped them out and bought an order of the Flaming Balls of Fire! These are pork sausage with kimchi, sticky rice then deep fried. Its served with a spicy mayonnaise. Basically a Koren style arnacini and darn tasty!

We also found a great burger place called Elevation Burger. Ingredients matter here and I for one really appreciate that this is catching on all over the country. It is basically a Five Guys concept but way better! 

We will be here for a another week and I am excited to explore more great food finds! Here are a few more pictures of neat stuff we have seen. I will post again about Maine before we leave.