Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The link recently added...Protien University

I found out about this group from a friend of mine who entered the "Who's your butcher?" contest his name is Adam Sappington he is a local chef in Portland OR he and his wife Jackie own the Country Cat a wonderful local restaurant.  Check out the site and the videos that are in the contest.  There is a lot to learn about utilizing the whole animal, sustainable farming and butchering, a dying art. So much waste is created by machines and negligent butchering.  Not to mention how much better meat cooks and then tastes when butchered properly.  (If your not into meat, this link ain't gonna be your thang.) I am looking forward to attending one of their events on my travels...Also, I have added the Country Cat website.  Its a great place to eat and has a very comfortable atmosphere. Anyplace that puts homemade jerky in my Bloody Mary wins!

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