Thursday, March 3, 2011

So ya, Its been awhile...

Well as you may have noticed I haven't been blogging much...I guess I have sort of been caught up in the lifestyle change of living on the road and all.  Chris's work has been very busy and I have been doing some traveling to pharmacies with her.  We are still in Newport Beach CA.  Chris has a few friends from college in the area that we have been hanging out with. So, I haven't been cooking all that much. Honestly, I haven't been all that impressed with our dining experiences to write about them.  Which is sort of surprising you would think with all of the big money here and all the the "hype" about food that you would find a lot of cool places.  I suppose I am somewhat of a food snob being from Portland OR where we have so many great places.  Down here there seems to be a lot of "glam" with no "bam"! We had sushi twice since we have been here and both places put Krab in our roll...Yes that is crab with a "K"...ew. We ordered a roll because I wanted to sort of play it safe. Its one thing to eat that as a choice but to not announce that is is fake? Well, that is just wrong. Anyway, The food is pretty with no flavor or real thought.  There is one place called Sol Cocina its pretty good and has a great happy hour within walking distance. We should be heading to San Diego soon and I am hoping to fair better there. Other than that things have been going great and we are loving the nice weather and beautiful surroundings. The RV lifestyle has been fantastic and if you can find anyway to make it a part of your World I highly recommend it!

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  1. I really liked 555, Captain Jack's and SOL. Those are the only 3 places I can say that I would go back to here. I am looking forward to San Diego and Melissa's suggestions!