Friday, April 22, 2011

Well...I'm in love

Well this is a little late but still needs to be shared. (from March)

So, we went to East L.A. today to visit a couple of pharmacies and one of the appointments fell through so we decided to grab a quick lunch. I have been wanting to hit the Nom Nom food truck which if you don't know, they were the winner of the Great Food Truck race on the Food Network. They specialize in Vietnamese street food with a twist. We both got a Banh Mi` which is basically a Vietnamese sandwich. The link below shows a diagram.
I have to say; it was on of the most wonderful sandwiches I have ever had in my life and I am pretty sure I will dream of it for the rest of my life. It is the perfect balance of flavors and texture. The adventure begins with a light crisp perfectly soft bakery fresh baguette, then just a touch of cilantro, followed by a carrot diakon radish slaw with a touch of vinegar, below that, is the love of all loves...spiced, grilled honey glazed pork (its ridiculously tender yet crispy and delicious) as if it needs anything else below that are long thin slices of fresh crisp cucumber, to add a touch of heat some fresh thinly sliced jalapenos and just a touch of mayonnaise. Crisp, spicy, savory, sweet, tart and well just sheer perfection! As I said, I am in love and will be sure to find them again and enjoy that bliss before we leave this area. Past that I know it will be a lifetime craving that I will try to fill however I can.

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