Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh Portland, you are just the greatstest city ever!

Home again, home again, and I'm doing my jiggity jig! I have to say, I might find it hard to blog very often for the next couple of weeks we have a lot going on.  There are people to see and business to take care of while we are here for the next month.
It is SO nice to know where I am going when driving around town.  I can throw that GPS in the glove box for awhile. I was running all over town yesterday it was so nice to see some of my old favorites!  Made a trip to Voodoo doughnuts, Bernie's Southern Bistro  and Park Kitchen a late evening cocktail and snack with a couple of friends. I will continue to post my pictures and links of cool places. For those food lovers out there who have never been to Portland you should really make an effort to get over here and check out all of the great restaurants.
I am really going to need to make sure I get some exercise while I am here, or we are going to have to get a bigger motor home; because I want to get in every last bite before we hit the road again in August!

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