Friday, June 24, 2011

New article on our trip!

Chris just had another article published about the RMS Roadshow (  The latest article was published in Computer Talk which is pharmacy trade magazine. The more people we touch and the more we continue to do well on the road, the longer we get to live this awesome dream life! So, I am very excited and proud of her/us. I have never been a big self promoter, but it is just really nice to see the risks we've taken to change our lives pay off.  We really wanted to make our life about living today and not waiting until we are retired to do it.  A lot of people thought we were nuts to do this.
Additionally, we are on our own little campaign to help these small local independent pharmacies stay in tune with the changes in technology, enabling them to compete with the huge corporate chains (Walgreen's Wal-Mart and CVS) that put them out of business daily. So, I guess for today, I am self promoting and giving her/us a little round of applause!  RMS roadshow is also on twitter!

 RMS Roadshow blog

 Computer talk link

We are always about voting with our dollar and supporting small business' on our journey we hope you will join us in that.

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