Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sangria Recipe!


1 Orange
1 Peach
1 Lime
3 or 4 strawberries (if you like)
1 chunk/1tsp Crystallized Ginger
2 bottles cheap red wine (I use Gabbiano Chianti)
1 cup brandy (substitute bourbon if you like)
½ cup Pimms liqueur
¼ cup Triple sec
Soda (you can substitute ginger ale or 7up if you like it on the sweeter side)
Quarter the lime, orange and peach (removing the pit) half the strawberries.
Use half of the lime and orange and save the others for garnish.  Squeeze the citrus juice into your container/pitcher and toss the remains in with it. Then add the entire peach, strawberries and crystallized ginger. Add the wine and other liquids and stir. Let sit for at least 3 hours (overnight is best).
Serve over ice in tall cooler style glass or mason jar with a “splash” of soda (or to your liking) garnish with orange and lime slices!  (A mint leaf makes it even prettier)  Enjoy!

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